The purpose of this topic is to help you answer the question: do I need a LMS?

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Beyond LMS? Read on!
Update March 2013...
I'm experimenting with Lore and hoping to use it with students shortly. I like the way it behaves like Edmodo but is aimed more at adults.

What's more, it's been an easier learning curve for me than say Moodle but I've yet to see if it works within the TAFE system. You can set up groups of students and make these private if you like. You can also make your site public or private. So far, it hasn't cost me anything (except time, of course!) Check out some of the free learning courses on offer as well.
Article from FractusLearning.Com

The Social LMS - Students love it but will Instructors too?
Article from BigThink.Com.

Try out Lore below. The blogs from the New York Times, The Economist at the bottom of the page are worth reading to get a better sense of what this is all about.

One of many great graphics I found on the Lore project expLore
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Top Five Tips to make your LMS buzz...
" A learning management system isn’t just a place to host e-learning courses. It’s an essential part of the way learners experience your content. So here are our top five ideas to improve your learning management system."

WizIQ LMS - one that works on apps.

For Teachers and Trainers
Create, manage, & deliver courses online. Use the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to deliver live classes to any number of students, online.
**Solutions for Teachers**

For Organizations
Run a complete online learning program with WizIQ. Add multiple teachers, deliver classes on a personalized portal for your organization.
**Solutions for Organizations**

Integrate WizIQ
WizIQ is extensible and integrates with your website, LMS, & content management system using APIs; or with a plugin for Moodle.
API Virtual Classroom for Moodle

Cathy Moore - elearning examples - interactive graphics, simulations and materials from lots of different sources:
To setup free video online room (up to 8 people)
- need Adobe Flash Player 11.5

Using e-portfolios with learners.

You might find the following article useful 12 Important trends in the e-portfolio industry.
Also checkout the cool tools page for links to free e-portfolio websites.

"[With the] merging of LMS and ePortfolio technologies we may be seeing the end of the LMS as we have known it. The market won't go away, but the LMS may begin to morph into an ePortfolio architecture, supporting longitudinal learning and decoupling from the course-based design they’ve had since the early CMS. LMSes, however, will not belong legally to the learner as ePortfolios do, so they will remain institutionally owned and therefore cannot serve to support the same level of transformation as do ePortfolios."