Scenario Learning



Creating a simple interactive PowerPoint - with articulate

Social Learning


Social learning involves learning with your peers
Watch this quick youtube to see how you can use social media

You can also use social platforms to create learning content. Checkout this slide share and animated cartoon I created to discuss the topic metaphors in learning. This slideshare includes a powerpoint, youtube and towards the end an animated cartoon (used for a discussion starter) that I created in animoto.

Blended Learning:


"The new focus is HOW TO LEARN . . . SOLVE PROBLEMS . . FIND ANSWERS. OUT WITH WHAT TO LEARN. That will happen as a by-product. No more memorizing stuff by sucking it in and then spitting it back out." From Are We Ready For Blended Learning?


Webquests? These can be very engaging for students as they work best when worked on collaboratively (and cooperatively) usually with a real person! According to recent research from JaltCall.Org, webquests provide "the opportunity to integrate technology into teaching and makes students focus on how to use and find quality information on the Internet. Furthermore, it helps students develop autonomy as they do their work, share opinions, discuss, and solve problems..."

Mobile & Tablet Learning

Learning through games

Every student needs to know how to problem solve. Games are an excellent way to teach problem solving skills. For example, if I was teaching spreadsheets I might use a game to teach the students how to calculate a percentage. Once they have mastered this they could demonstrate the calculation on a calculator and then finally using a formula in the spreadsheet.

Checkout the list of maths games to see if you can find other examples that are useful to a spreadsheet class.

How We Learn Best

How Children Learn Best (this applies to all students!)

How children learn best - EdPod - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).weblocResearch in neuroscience is shining a light on what happens in the brain when we learn and the effects of stress on learning. Neuroscientist and teacher Judy Willis believes that video games provide a useful model of teaching for disengaged students. This is a podcast.


How the Khan Academy has changed the way we learn.

Khan Academy Makes E-learning Exciting – Is This Possible? Ken Hayes.webloc
A blog by eLearning pioneer,Ken Hayes
"Salman Khan has inadvertently launched a revolution in education, and e-learning just happens to be a part of his system. An authentic grass-roots e-learning initiative... has blossomed into a full-scale movement to improve education, which is getting noticed by mainstream media, attracting donations from hi-tech foundations and splitting educators. Like President Bush’s famous quote, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” traditional educators are polarized between embracing the new technology and dismissing it as a naive amateur attempt.
"....My teenage son introduced me to Khan’s videos when he was searching for algebra help on YouTube a couple years ago. That the young generation is spontaneously drawn to Khan’s videos is evidence enough for me that Khan is on to something. When my son searches for help on any topic, he uses YouTube, not Google text search. This is very different form how older generations search on the web".