Please feel free to use this page to build a collaborative course resource for others to share

The anatomy of a topic

In its simplest form a topic might have

  • Topic introduction
    • Introductory information and summary of learning
    • How much do I already know about my topic – self analysis activity
  • Learning content
    • Learning content and resources
    • Learning activities – link from show me, coach me
  • Learning practice
    • Provide knowledge to practice and summarise learning
    • Test knowledge and skill

How do you start?

By breaking down your topic to determine what needs to assessed, taught, demonstrated etc. Start with a brainstorm activity and simple mindmap.

You will also need to consider the activities and resources you will use

With a bit of imagination and creativity you could totally transform how you present content, checkout this cool flipbook Gangnam style

Once you know what you are going to include you need to put together a simple design. A simple storyboard can help. In its simplest form you can use the same tools you used for mindmapping:

  • Get yourself some butchers paper
  • Coloured pens
  • Start in the centre
  • Use pictures and symbols
  • Colours for themes and relationships

But if you want to create your storyboard electronically you can't go past PowerPoint. Most people have access to PowerPoint, this is a great tool. This short YouTube can help you convert your paper design to an electronic format using PowerPoint.