Use this page to build a list of cool tools for e-learning

Tool or App name
Available from (include a URL)
Features of this tools
General comments about this tool
Best practice models for e-learning
Lots of useful templates and information
If you are interested in Communities of practice you might find their Youtube helpful
slide shark
using your ipad or iphone to show presentations
Gail has been using this tool in our face-to-face session
Story board templates
Story board templates in a variety of formats (e.g. Word, PPT)
Templates to help you design e-learning content
Quick Lessons
Flash based course content, free to export to the Izzui Facebook app, other formats attract a fee
This is my first course use
if viewing out of facebook, or from facebook use
List of infographic tools

Tools for learning
Top 100 tools for 2012
Compiled as a result of a global annual survey
Embedding Web2.0 tools
Tutorial on how to embed Voki but can be used for YouTube, Glogster etc.
Helps to make web pages more interactive.
For group brainstorming, audience polling, surveys and assessments.
I confess I haven't used this yet...must try it soon. Please give feedback if you do so.
Organise videos, articles or websites into your own "playlist".
Looks like a good place to store "stuff". You can create and share your own or look at many others.
Online, virtual classroom. Options include scheduling classes (even with a free account), creating tests, and uploading content.
Something useful to integrate with your own Moodle. No need to download software. Not sure how it works on the iPad.
Browser-based but does not need the Internet to work, sending text messages via a phone, modem or an online SMS aggregator.
A lack of communication can be a major barrier for grassroots NGOs working in developing countries. By leveraging basic tools (computers, mobile phones) FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale. Software is free but you pay for the messages in the normal way.
Free platform; Cross between Facebook and Moodle; can be used with a large variety of other e-tools.
Using Edmodo with students: 20 Ideas - Very useful classroom ideas
Using Edmodo in the classroom - basics of Edmodo
An alternative to the normal LMS we use
If you use this tool please post your experiences to the discussion forum for this page, we would love to hear about it
Webquest Free Media
Useful links for free graphics and photos.
Everything from Flickr Creative Commons to Smithsonsian Flickr stream, Life magazine photo archives and Wikimedia Commons.
5 Great Ways for Teachers To Use Twitter
How to engage students and help build personal learning networks.
Ideas on engaging students - how to set up networks, collaborate across time-zones, how to share resources, tools, documents and videos.
Top 14 Best Free Online Conference Calling Services from Diigo
List of best tools you can use to set up online meetings.
Put up by Geekers Magazine so it's really a list of their chosen tools but they are not compared.
WISC Online
Learning Object resource
This is a digital library of web-based learning resources called "learning objects" developed by the Wisconsin Technical College System.
2,000 animated and interactive learning objects to use (free of charge). Many topics covered, so useful for teaching content.
Interactive games keep students motivated.
Create your own game templates.
Students can test their own knowledge as they go along.
Learning Objects Read this first. Very interesting ideas/
Specifically set up to support learners and organisations in the post-16 sector. Games, quizzes, etc.
Every Learning Object on the NLN Materials Service has a Learner URL. This is a web address, typically beginning which site users can distribute to their learners, and which will take those learners directly to the resource, bypassing the NLN site itself - no need to register or download anything.
Apple Education iPad
Create your own courses through the iTune U app for the iPad.
From the iTunes U app, students can play video or audio lectures and take notes that are synchronized with the lecture. They can read books and view presentations. See a list of all the assignments for the course and check them off as they’re completed. And when you send a message or create a new assignment, students receive a push notification with the new information.1Learn more about the iTunes U app for students
American Association of School Librarians
Websites and Apps for teaching and learning chosen by librarians.
This is a long list of tools...I haven't had time to go through them one at a time, but that's what you need to do.
What is e-learnng?
Includes a link to a post about online learning education models
Which e-learning model works for you
South Australian NVELS past webinars

Types of e-learning
Word document
Make sure you checkout the site
Free e-portfolio
Built on Mahara and hosted free on the web
For education, career and life - free for educators, $10 pa for students
Free website
Great for learner projects and portfolios

You could also try Google sites and Yahoo
Easy way to create animated movies
There are teacher accounts and student accounts
A simple way to post on the internet
Visit the site to see what you can do on a page or wall
Free tools that are easy to use

Sooo easy!
It's like mindmapping but you create and control the content. Can embed videos etc very easily. It's a very simple site and could be used to illustrate something quickly. You get 5 free ones to start but $30 a year for unlimited ones seems a real bargain.
What's the latest in innovation? ..
The list is too long (as usual!)
Lots of interesting stuff here.