How to use this Wiki

This wiki is being developed by learners undertaking a six week Getting Started in E-Learning Design Workshop. For more information about this workshop please visit the NSW Innovations Wiki. If you have questions on e-learning click on the message bottom right hand corner of your screen and ask your question. If I am not online, click on it and ask your question anyway and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

To gain access you will first need a wiki account. Follow the screen prompts to create your account and then sign in. If you already have an account with wikispaces sign in and access the URL for this wiki. Click on the join button to send your request to the wiki organiser. Make sure your account profile includes your email address or you will not receive an email advising you that your request has been approved or rejected.

Once you have become a member of the this wiki please feel free to use this page to build a collaborative course resource for others to share. The aim of the course wiki is to create a space where you can share your knowledge and favourite online resources with other visitors to the wiki.

What else can I do?

You can upload files, link to or upload videos, link to websites.
The important thing is that you are aware that this wiki belongs to everyone and that you all have editing rights. Please be mindful when you change other people's content.

Adding pages to the Wiki

If you would like to create a page that isn't listed you can do this through the Navigation pane on the right hand side of your screen. Click on Pages and Files and then the button for add new page.

It's time to start populating the wiki!!!!

You can also export this wiki as a zipped, HTML archive or PDF file for your own use.