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WebQuests are:
  • Inquiry-oriented activities in which most information used by learners is drawn from the Web.
  • Guided Enquiry

A quote from Bernie Dodge himself!
"The WebQuest model has been around since 1995 when I developed it for use in a course at San Diego State University. The goal then, and now, was to create lessons that make good use of the Web, engage learners in applying higher level thinking to authentic problems, and use everyone's time well. Since that beginning, one of the ongoing challenges has been to make it faster and easier for teachers to do all these things. QuestGarden is the end result of those 17 years of effort."


Explores how WebQuests impact on English language learning and writing. The introduction and overview are well worth reading.
This paper examines the design and use of L2 writing activities built around WebQuests and electronic journals. Refers to Gagne's Nine Events Of Instruction.


The WebQuest Research Constortium
Are you a doctoral student or faculty member interested in conducting research on WebQuests? You're invited to join a new informal group to exchange ideas, collaborate and co-author. We can capture data as QuestGarden users create their own WebQuests that open up interesting lines of inquiry about the planning process teachers use. Write to learn more.


Here is a list of WebQuests that look interesting and useful... try some and see.

Includes WebQuests for adults as well as children. Aimed at English as a Second Language students. Nellie says, "A learner should be engaged in communicative learning as he learns a second or foreign language....learning a language by means of WebQuests is one way of integrating technology into the ESL/EFL classroom."

How to make your webquest more interactive.


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